November 2016

"Don't laugh at what you don't understand." Okay, so the words sound a bit harsh, but I promise you that my tone of voice and facial expression clearly communicated warmth, love, and kindness. And yes, I did say this to my students. Because my students needed to hear it. I have avoided talking about the American election with my Korean high schoolers for most of the past few months. It didn't seem appropriate or even remotely related to what I was teaching. So I just steered away from the topic. [caption id="attachment_1460" align="alignnone" width="2080"]chalkboard-class-picture Things quickly turned political in class today, even though I was only teaching conditional sentences.[/caption] But then we began a culture exchange, where they communicate by video with Americans attending high school in the U.S., and one by one my students were shocked to discover that many of these American young people were Trump supporters. Or at least had parents who were voting for Trump.