12615592_10154002776347873_1177081198106891986_oI am a writer, speaker, and educator exploring biblical sexual ethics as a lesbian in the church. A few things to know about me and my blog:

  • My blog is a place where I hope to honor my Savior and reveal the mystery of the Gospel in my life and the world. The Gospel will always be central to everything I write.
  • I am celibate and happily so. I believe that celibacy is a beautiful and God-honoring vocation that brings joy to a person’s life when they have the freedom to pursue it in a healthy way.
  • My blog is not a place where I hope to convince LGBT+ people to become celibate or to begin following a traditional sexual ethic. I respect the right of LGBT+ Christians to search the Scriptures and come to their own informed conclusions about biblical sexual ethics.  
  • I encourage readers to learn from a diverse array of LGBT+ voices, whether they happen to be celibate or not. Picking and choosing which gay people to read, based upon whether such people adhere to a “traditional” perspective or not, significantly limits a person’s ability to understand the LGBT+ community and to support LGBT+ Christians in their walk with the Lord.
  • I believe that LGBT+ people are made in the image of God and saved by his grace through Jesus Christ. I do not believe that an LGBT+ person’s sexual ethic can save them, nor do I believe that sexual ethics can save anyone.

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  2. heavenandearthmeet Reply

    Hi Bridget, just read your article on sexual immorality. Thanks for your thoughtful reflection and promoting a corrective that we need. I’ll be sharing this article with others.

    1. Bridget Eileen Reply

      Thank you!

  3. James Matamoros Reply

    Hi! Really enjoying your articles. I think these are really important issues to discuss that don’t receive enough attention in our society. I look forward to reading more from you.

    1. Bridget Eileen Reply

      So glad to hear! Thank you!

  4. jeff morris Reply

    Finally able to land on your site. I will definitely book mark it and refer to it to learn/grow and understand. I am a Professional Social Worker who is a Christian. I desire to honor God and, through that serve people in a way that honor and reflects him. I look forward to your writings.

    1. Bridget Eileen Reply

      Glad to hear from you. You do important work!

  5. Edward Dingess Reply

    If the gospel were central to your life, it’s truth would compel you to denounce unrepentant human behavior. It’s truth would compel you to denounce anything contrary to it’s message. I would encourage you to repent of your “anything goes” approach. If the gospel is not exclusive, then it is irrelevant. Who needs a gospel that no one needs to believe in order to be saved. And if you can believe whatever you want and interpret Scripture however you want, why bother reading it?

    1. Bridget Eileen Reply

      Hi Edward, thank you for taking the time to comment. I believe that the job of accuser is a job that is already taken, by the devil himself (Rev. 12:10). So instead of accusing, condemning, and denouncing, I prefer to extend the grace and forgiveness that Jesus Christ came to give. It is by grace that we are saved and not by condemnation, and it is by the power of the Holy Spirit that we learn to walk in holiness. Wishing you well.

    2. Lei Anne Carliza Black Reply

      If truth is your concern, you’re definitely not living it.

  6. Steven Reply

    Spoken by a man who cannot and will not feel other people’s pain and struggles.

  7. Alisa Kincade Reply

    Bridget Eileen, I am a believer with a 23 year old lesbian daughter. Since her coming out four years ago, I have been painfully aware of how eager fellow believers are to take sides and how I find myself living in the “in between”. In order to make peace with having a lesbian daughter I have wrestled and asked many questions of my God. He hasn’t given me answers, but my peace comes from accepting her without trying to change her and knowing that God is in the business of transformation, not me. God gave me my daughter, and she was and continues to be a miracle in my life. I find God in the “in between”,
    loving Him and loving my daughter, while others are strangely silent, looking askance at me when I share my story. They are not judgmental or confronting, for which I am thankful, but I want them to view my daughter as I do, instead of with confusion or suspicion, as His child. It is my desire to educate fellow believers with the possibility that we don’t know all the answers, we did not write the Bible, neither will we rewrite it, and there is room for all at the table if Jesus.

    1. Bridget Eileen Reply

      The table of Jesus truly does make room for all. Yes and amen!

    2. Lei Anne Carliza Black Reply

      I understand your concern, Alisa. You are one of the few parents I heard about regarding finding out about their children “coming out of the closet.” We are all human. We do not have the answers because the Bible was written by misogynistic European men of Nicaea. Most of the scriptures written by Moses and the early Jewish apostles have either been burnt or locked away in the Vatican vaults. If you take the time to accept and connect with your daughter, you’ll come to understand that love is unconditional throughout the Bible. In the Talmud, it was mentioned that when God created humankind, they had 2 souls. The woman was created in the man’s body. Once God gives the breath of life, the body of the 2 souls separate. They become a pair. Thus the expression, “soulmate.” Since Adam’s soulmate was missing, God created Eve from his rib. When Cain was born, his twin sister Luluwa was born too. Abel had 2 twin sisters, Awan and Azura. Since Adam did not want his children to marry other people outside their family, he arranged Abel to marry Cain’s twin sister, Luluwa. Cain grew angry and jealous. Since there wasn’t any moral laws during the time of Adam and Eve, all their descendants were intimate with each other. It wasn’t until Moses began to write moral laws in order for all the tribes of Judah and Israel to be holy (separate/apart from) and righteous from the Gentiles of the world. However you want to see the truth, trust in God’s word in the book of Proverbs 3: 5, 6; Psalms 9: 9; and Psalms 31:7. I hope this will give you some light. These are the verses I lean on as a bisexual woman. The rest is up to you to research. I hope the truth you seek will bring you peace and love.

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