12615592_10154002776347873_1177081198106891986_oI am a writer, speaker, and educator exploring biblical sexual ethics as a lesbian in the church. A few things to know about me and my blog:

  • My blog is a place where I hope to honor my Savior and reveal the mystery of the Gospel in my life and the world. The Gospel will always be central to everything I write.
  • I am celibate and happily so. I believe that celibacy is a beautiful and God-honoring vocation that brings joy to a person’s life when they have the freedom to pursue it in a healthy way.
  • My blog is not a place where I hope to convince LGBT+ people to become celibate or to begin following a traditional sexual ethic. I respect the right of LGBT+ Christians to search the Scriptures and come to their own informed conclusions about biblical sexual ethics.  
  • I encourage readers to learn from a diverse array of LGBT+ voices, whether they happen to be celibate or not. Picking and choosing which gay people to read, based upon whether such people adhere to a “traditional” perspective or not, significantly limits a person’s ability to understand the LGBT+ community and to support LGBT+ Christians in their walk with the Lord.
  • I believe that LGBT+ people are made in the image of God and saved by his grace through Jesus Christ. I do not believe that an LGBT+ person’s sexual ethic can save them, nor do I believe that sexual ethics can save anyone.

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