One of my favorite pastimes is comparing my largely conservative newsfeed to my roommate’s largely liberal newsfeed. I went to a conservative, evangelical, Christian college. She went to a liberal, highly secular, women’s college. You can imagine our newsfeeds are vastly different.

Because of this, one of the most unforeseen benefits of being roommates has been opening up our social media “window” for the other person to look through. Half the time our conversations will begin with, “So you know that _____ that everyone is talking about?” – “What? No I haven’t even heard about it.” – “Are you serious? It’s all over Facebook!”

In other words, it’s all over one person’s Facebook.

The silencing effects of social media have been dividing our country into us v. them for awhile, and I am so glad to see organizations calling out the censorship for what it is. The Gospel Coalition, in particular, just wrote an excellent article challenging Christians to seek out the “other side” to learn from their perspective. Who knows? We might even learn that the other side isn’t so “other” after all.

Check out the article here:


Or check out the Wall Street Journal’s project “Blue Feed v. Red Feed”:


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