Over the past few years, significant space on my blog has been dedicated to a discussion of issues related to educational equity and social justice in low-income communities. Given that much of my career has been committed to addressing these issues, I expect to continue writing about both subjects in the foreseeable future!

However, this past year, I’ve been praying about a change in direction to focus on something new. Social justice in low-income communities will absolutely remain a priority in my life — that you can count on! — but you might notice fewer posts about this topic as the focus of my blog begins to shift. Of course, I’ll keep the social justice and education tabs available in the menu for anyone who’d like to see what I’ve already written on these subjects, and whenever I write a new post related to either category, you’ll be able to find it easily under one of those tabs.

But for the next year, I’d like to spend more time exploring a new theme, and I hope to plan posts to be roughly once a month, with perhaps an occasional series. I couldn’t quite figure out a way to explain the shift in focus and also introduce the new topic at the same time, so I split things up a little bit! In my next post, I’ll give a proper introduction to the subject-matter. For now, I wanted to briefly explain what was coming up so that no one is surprised by the sudden addition of a new topic!

Blogging here has been a huge pleasure and has allowed me to engage in valuable discussion with a wide range of different people over the past few years. Needless to say, I’m excited to begin blogging about something new, and I look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts on future posts!

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