Podcasts and Video

Podcasts & Video

Part 1: “gay people are going to hell?” what it’s like to be Christian and queer

Justin Khoe invited me onto his YouTube channel i’m Listening to talk about the challenges of navigating faith and sexuality. We talk about the many harmful mindsets that I myself used to have toward gay people and how that impacted my experience of faith and sexuality.

Part 2: is Christianity toxic for gay people?

Watch part 2 of my interview with Justin Khoe on i’m Listening. See part 1 above.

The Burden of Purity Culture

I sat down with Mike Erre and Tyler Chernesky on the Vox Podcast for a conversation on Purity Culture, the Church, and being a Gay Christian. Tyler and I share our stories of growing up in purity culture. I talk about folk devils and how my studies in criminology link to my experience in Purity Culture. 

Dealing with Church Hurt

Kyle J. Howard and I talk about navigating church hurt on Anthony Spark’s podcast. What is spiritual abuse? How do you know the difference between a healthy church and a toxic church? Is it okay to leave? We walk through each of these topics and more, sharing our own experiences with church hurt and what it looks like to find healing.

It’s Queer, Not “Same-Sex-Attracted”

The language we use to define the queer experience matters, and “same-sex attraction” does not cut it. I go into the history of the words “homosexual” and “same sex attraction” and explain why we need the LGBTQ+ community to use its own words to define their experience.

Christians for Social Action: Law, Religious Liberty, and LGBTQ Lives in America

I joined a panel of experts with Christians for Social Action to discuss policy issues impacting LGBTQ people.

  • Are you a faith leader who cares about LGBTQ people but also wants to be able to hire according to your convictions?
  • Are you a health provider who worries you’ll be required to administer medical care that you believe goes against God’s design?
  • Are you a Christian who fears that increased protections for some translate to fewer freedoms for you?
  • Do you identify as LGBTQ and wonder how these laws will affect you?

We discuss each of these issues and what it would look like for Christians to navigate these questions in a way that honors their convictions while simultaneously protecting the rights and dignity of LGBTQ people.

LGBTQ Victimization in the Church

I join Grant Hartley and Josh Proctor to discuss LGBTQ victimization in the church and the criticism we as Side B Christians face from both the conservative church and even some LGBTQ individuals. I discuss my book Heavy Burdens along with the importance of keeping our focus on the Gospel and the truth that Jesus alone saves.

Two Broads Talking Politics

Two Broads Talking Politics invited me onto their podcast to discuss LGBTQ discrimination in Christianity, the causes for it, and how to change.

Faithful Single Life in a Very Married Church

I discuss with Geralyn Wichers, host of the Old Maid podcast, my experience navigating unmarried life in a church that often idolizes marriage.

Recovering from Spiritual Abuse

Kyle J. Howard recently joined me for a live webinar discussing spiritual abuse and how to recover. We talked about everything from trauma to bitterness to whether or not Christians really must forgive their abuser no matter the context. It was an incredible conversation! Read selected excerpts or listen to the complete audio.

Sexual Ethics and Fidelity to Christ

I joined Steve Wiens on This Good Word podcast to discuss sexual ethics in the church and what it looks like to be faithful to Christ as we navigate difficult questions related to faith and sexuality.

Digital Leaders Forum with Preston Sprinkle

The Digital Leaders Forum is a resource created by Preston Sprinkle over at the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender. I participated as a panelist and found the entire experience to be characterized by a true desire to build bridges between LGBTQ people and the church.

A Queer Christian and the Gospel

What is a queer Christian? For Evangelicals, the word “queer” can seem dangerous. But it doesn’t have to be. To help Christians understand how this word is used today, Dr. Jonathan G. Smith invited me onto his podcast, Grace on Fire, for an interview. In this podcast, I describe my faith journey and reframe our understanding of the phrase queer Christian.

At the Intersection of Friendship and Loneliness

Loneliness. We all experience it, but not many of us want to talk about it. Let’s start the conversation here (and connect it to the necessity of friendship). Hole in My Heart Ministries invited me onto their podcast to discuss my experience navigating faith, sexuality, and friendship.

Persons Not Agendas

Too often, gay people in churches feel invisible, unwanted, even marginalized. This is particularly true in more traditional churches. The message seems to be “shut up and go away.” Mortally Speaking invited me onto their podcast to discuss my perspective to this problem. How can churches help facilitate gay persons feeling more fully a part of their communities? Should gay Christians “come out?”