Recovering from Spiritual Abuse: Live Webinar with Kyle J. Howard

Kyle J. Howard discusses spiritual abuse in live webinar.

What is spiritual abuse? How can we recognize it and how can we heal? Are there any practical steps we can take to protect ourselves and ultimately recover from painful, even traumatic, experiences?

Join me and Kyle J. Howard on Wednesday, July 17th, @ 7pm ET for a live webinar on healing and recovery from spiritual abuse. Kyle brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge surrounding spiritual abuse in the church, and his work has helped countless men and women understand the impact of spiritual abuse in their own lives and begin the recovery process.

For LGBTQ+ Christians, this topic is particularly important, especially for those who remain in conservative denominations, often navigating atmospheres that are spiritually toxic for sexual and gender minorities. It’s a discussion you won’t want to miss! Sign up below, and I look forward to seeing you there!


About Kyle J. Howard

From a gang-member and battle rapper to a preacher and theologian, Kyle J. Howard has experienced Sovereign Grace and has dedicated his life to proclaiming it to others. Kyle has received an Associates in Biblical & Theological Studies and a Bachelors in Biblical Counseling from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is currently finishing an Advanced Masters of Divinity in the field of Historical Theology. Kyle is a public theologian and Christian counselor who primarily serves the church through practicing soul care, writing, and teaching about both racial trauma and spiritual abuse/trauma. Though a comprehensive counselor for several years, after experiencing both racial trauma and spiritual abuse in the church, Kyle began to shift his focus to raising awareness about these two realities as well as extending his services for free to those who have been wounded in the Body of Christ and can’t afford to pay for care. Kyle has been married to his high school sweet heart (Vy) for ten years. They currently have three children (10, 7, 3), and live in Atlanta, Georgia. Kyle can be heard on his podcasts The Coram Deo Podcast and Soul Care, you can also read through his many articles at, or follow him on Twitter @kylejameshoward.