Resolved: To enjoy my kids and remember that they are children.
    Father, I am tired of being a tyrant in my classroom. Make me a leader instead. I am tired of being a disciplinarian. Make me a healer instead. I am tired of dreading my classroom and kids. Make me joyful instead. I am tired of clutching my head in despair, yes, every planning period. Make me hopeful instead. I am tired of being afraid. Make me courageous instead.

3 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Tammy Reply

    Not a Christian blogger, but good thoughts on leadership:

    Your journey this year has wrung my heart. Most of us have to be dragged into such a life-changing experience. You volunteered. May God bless you richly…well done, thou good and faithful servant (I'm sure He will say).

  2. Traveling Nun Reply

    Thank you for sharing that article! I agree with many of the thoughts he expresses. In my experience, earning respect as a leader means you must first respect the people you lead. Or as this author puts it, you must show honor to be honored.

  3. Lydia Joy Freeman Reply

    This is beautiful.

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