I said hello to Jhaide, a student from a class down the hall, while she was getting her backpack in the hallway yesterday. She looked at me with the most horrified expression.
“WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR VOICE?!?!” Her squeal communicated a level of terrified amazement.
I suppressed the urge to laugh and calmly smiled. “I lost it, Jhaide.”
Jhaide’s eyes grew big. “You LOST your voice?!?” She gasped, then turned around and ran into her classroom. “Guys! She lost her voice! Listen to her! Listen to her!” Jhaide burst out of the room with a trail of six-year-olds bouncing behind her.
I turned down the hall to make my escape, but could hear the buzz of little voices behind me. “She lost her voice?” – “Yeah! I heard it too!” – “Where’d it go?” – “I dunno!”
Technically, I should have told them to be quiet. No yelling in the hallway. I tossed the idea. Just this once. This was far too amusing.

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