U.S. Police Shootings Compared to Other Countries

U.S. Police Shootings Compared to Other Countries

I remember hearing about Tamir Rice’s death over the radio as I drove into work last year. The news brought me to tears. It grieved and frightened me like few news stories can. I cannot help but think of my students when I hear about this story, and the idea that one of my kids could easily be him is terrifying.

In the wake of the recent grand jury decision following Tamir Rice’s death, many people in much more eloquent words than mine are speaking out about this horrific incident. I hope that this incident sparks a larger discussion in our country surrounding issues we have ignored for too long. Here is one look at how the U.S. compares to other developed countries:

We cannot look at this data any longer and pretend that we don’t have a problem. Something is deeply wrong.

Source: Why Do US Police Kill So Many People – Business Insider

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